Screenshots of Actual Reminder 3.0 Talk + Weather

Actual Reminder - Best Talking Calendar Software! Desktop Calendar, Weather Forecast, Birthday Reminder, Email Reminder!
Desktop calendar for a three months with weather forecast.
You can look or listen to current weather forecast in your city.

You can get a quick look at the events of a single day
The software allows you to view all your events in a daily, multiday (screenshot), weekly, monthly, or yearly overview.

Using hot keys you can look through weather forecast for five days or listen about the weather outdoors.
The program presents a convenient weather forecast for your city for current day and for five days forward.

Printing any report and Print preview
You can preview and print monthly calendar or can print the calendar for a whole year with all your events. You can print your daily schedule for every hour.

You can set password for each item using Actual Notepad
You can open or save text and RTF files, print current document using the "Actual Notepad".

Automatic desktop wallpaper changer
You can set time and choose pictures for automatic change wallpapers on your desktop.

 Setting shutdown, reboot, log off or sleep mode of the computer
In this reminder program you can manage your PC. You can set time to shut down, reboot, log off or sleep mode of the computer or you can do that immediately.

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